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Iranian customs clearance
Iranian customs clearance
Importing and exporting goods to and from different countries in the Middle East is a little complicated and many traders need expert’s guidance. For export to Iran, companies must know about Iran customs regulation, standards and required documents. For instance, Based on Iranian customs rules some goods are not allowed to import to Iran, like alcoholic drinks, pig products and etc.

When a shipment enters in Iran customs it should stay there until the Iranian customs clearance agents finalize the clearance procedures.

If the goods were not against Iran customs regulations, after completing the paperwork and paying the Iran customs duty and Iran import tax, the imported goods are ready to go to the warehouses and reach the market.

Today, international trade is very competitive. Some countries have the advantages of cheap labor and provide the goods at a lower price; therefore countries and companies prefer to buy goods from them.

It should be mentioned that Iran export products such as saffron and rugs are some of the most popular exports of Iran to all over the world.

Due to the official statistic that was released from Iran customs the amount of Iran’s imports during the first half of the 1395 (march – august 2016) was approximately more than one billion and 316 million tons which equals to more than 16 billion and 709 million dollars.

Based on Iranian customs data analysis, it can be said that most of the imports in this period were from China. In other words 14% of the volume and 24% of the dollar value of Iran imports in this period belongs to China. These numbers can perfectly illustrate the importance and magnitude the imports of Iran.

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Thanks a lot admin and sorry

Thanks a lot admin and sorry permission share in here

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